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There are three witnesses to Titanic sinking in the case of Estate of Hans Jensen v. The White Star Line. The witnesses, even Carla Jensen, have information that is helpful to both sides. So either party may call any of the witnesses or this information favorable can be brought out on cross examination. The witnesses have provided documents to the lawyers for the parties, which are linked below.  In addition, we have linked some searches to help you get started with your on-line research.  The three witnesses are:

Carla Christine Jensen, the fiancée of Hans Peder Jensen.  Carla is not only a witness, but also the executor of her fiancée's estate.  Unlike a criminal trial, in a civil trial the parties to a trial can be made to testify, so Carla can not claim her fifth amendment rights against self incrimination unless she would be required to provide evidence of a crime by her.  You will find a variety of information on the Web about Carla. 

Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller was on watch from 6-10 pm. He played an important role in the evacuation. As you will also see, all the sources do not agree about the various events of that night, but this is almost always the case when people try to remember dramatic events, before the invention of electronic recording.

Lieutenant Mauritz Hakan Bjornstrom-Steffansson is the Military Attaché in Sweden's New York Consulate. Information about him appears on many websites.

[Note: Mr. Bjornstrom-Steffansson behavior the night the Titanic sank in reality was somewhat different than is portrayed by these witnesses here.  For the purposes of the virtual trial, you should disregard, any evidence gathered from outside sources that do not agree with one of the witnesses' accounts. Even among these three witnesses, however, each saw the behavior of the other party somewhat differently.  Unless instructed otherwise, you can use outside sources to support any witnesses account of the events of that night. You may call additional witnesses if there is time, but in order to present all the issues set forth in the jury charge, you will need to call each of these three witnesses.]

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